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Social Determinants of Health

We aim to improve the social determinants of health for the populations we work with. That is why, for nonprofits, we offer our services for free. With the HealthOpX platform, our partners can have access to a build your own template app, which helps members through personal and professional development in daily life.

HealthOpX guides patients to community, non-profit, and free, or low cost solutions to address different social determinants of health.

Examples of content created using the platform are shown below

Examples of Platform Use In the Medical Field

Patient application view

Patients using our mobile application will be able to have access to a number of resources that aid in social determinants of health. 

They will also receive guidance through their health appointments, providing them with step-by-step checklists to complete. 

Any relevant medical information can be saved for post-care, and patients can set medication reminders through the app.


Check out a demo of our Patient Application View


Caretakers using our mobile application can see the patients they have been assigned to and receive all notifications for them.

They can follow steps along with their patients and determine if any intervention is needed.

 If their patients needs any other resources, caregivers can assign them through the app, and also view what resources their patients have.



Check out a demo of our Caretaker Application View

Hospital Portal VIEW

Utilizing our online portal, doctors can easily create templates and checklists without any coding knowledge. 


Doctors can also assign push notifications for medications and appointments.


Check out a demo of our Hospital Portal View

OUR Partners


  • Michigan State University – Red Cedar Ventures 

  • Hmong Nationalities Association

  • Lifetime Family Care