Based out of East Lansing, Michigan, we are a driven group of entreprenuers with collective experience in marketing research, machine learning, data analysis, and user interface design among other skills. Here at HealthOpX we provide the gateway to world-class treatment at low prices. After receiving treatment, be sure to enjoy your vacation away from home at one of our partnered hotels. Enjoy the beach, try authentic food and go on an adventure as you take it easy recovering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really save money?

Yes! Even with the costs of the plane included, operations overseas cost anywhere from 30 to 80 percent less than the American counterparts.

How do I know the care is the same quality that I would receive in the United States?

A common misconception is that locations overseas are not as qualified as those in the United States. However all of our partners have the same accredidation and certifications as hospitals in the United States.

What about my insurance?

No need to worry, HealthOpX works with insurance companies to have a similar experience as you would home, just with less costs.

Can I take someone with me?

Yes, we recommend having someone along with you to keep you comfort and provide discounted prices for hotel stays. However if you are not able to bring someone, fear not as we provide a convoy to guid you through the whole trip.

Meet Our Team

Wesley Ma

Wesley Ma


B.S Supply Chain


Data Scientists, Research, and Software Engineer

B.S/M.S Computer Science w/ Minor in Math


Jose Hernandez

Katrianna Sydlik-Badgerow

Katrianna Sydlik-Badgerow

Katrianna Sydlik-Badgerow

User Experience & User Interface, Software Engineer

B.S Computer Science w/ Minor in Art History


Software Engineer

B.S/M.S Computer Science


Daniel Ofori-Dankwa

Daniel Ofori-Dankwa

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