HealthOpX is a social determinants of health startup that aims to improve the health of at-risk patients by partnering community-based organizations, health systems, government entities, and payers.

Social Determinants of Health

HealthOpX is testing a predictive analytics tool that enables you to assess the risk of readmission, ER visit, and morbidity. We are also testing in conjunction a service-based platform, where we partner with community-based organizations (CBO’s) to act upon these risk assessments. When CBO’s deliver a measure of preventative care or intervention through the service-based platform it feeds back into the algorithm and we are able to calculate how much they decreased the risk of X event or how they affected X health improvement initiative.

Here is a video that explains the patient journey and problems

Our goal is to take the data gathered, so that the insurance companies are able to reimburse the CBOs for these actions, and enter into a shared savings program with health systems. In turn, building healthier and more resilient communities for underserved populations. ​


Even without a smartphone, patients can receive the benefits of services from CBO’s through SMS texts. Providers and payers are also able to “close the loop” on referrals to CBO’s and resources so that they can determine next steps for the patients.

Improve operational efficiency, management, and tracking of employees and service requests/deliverance

Create goals and services that are much faster and efficient than going through a grant-giving process, have ongoing trackable campaigns with CBO’s that help improve the health of the community ​

Engage with ethnic organizations to streamline your document translation, and improve their operational efficiency​